Live by Design not by Default


Creating innovative streaming experiences for communities.

3Blackdot is a digital entertainment studio which partners with audience driven creators and community focused brands to create, produce, and finance innovative, original, and cross platform entertainment experiences that engage youth centric-audiences.

My Role

User Experience Designer

Product Designer





Different types of content and how they work

I created designs to conceptualize the way users will interact and experience different types of content such as video and chat, audiobooks, in-video store, podcasts and many more chat features.

Build communities with like-minded creators and share your passion and work with more people like you

Buy and sell merchandise from your favourite creators

I began designing the commerce feature after learning from creators the difficulties of building and maintaining groups and communities. This information changed the way I thought about merchandise and content, I created designs and flows that explored the possibilities of allowing users purchase in-video content while streaming videos.

Sync with your favourite groups and watch videos together while keeping the communication alive.

A website to show and tell

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