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Crafting an innovative all-in-one financial experiences.

Tangerine Africa is reinventing how you control your money. It works to make your finances easier and more rewarding because it exists to empower customers towards financial freedom. From your everyday spending, to planning for your future with savings, Tangerine Financial helps you get more from your money. Their services include Banking and Savings, Insurance and Pensions.

My Role

Lead Product Designer

Branding & Art Direction


Tangerine Africa


Financial Services

Eco-friendly cards designed with the environment in mind

I designed a card that offers control and flexibility in the way it functions and looks. The goal was to offer users full control over the way they spend using a physical or virtual card.

Control your money with faster and easier ways to receive and send money whenever and wherever

Demistifying Insurance for everyone

To properly educate users on the importance of insurance, I introduced both a story and summary page design approach with clear and consice messaging using bullet points and immersive images to help users easily read and understand key information at a glance.

Easy and quick steps to get started with a digital banking powerhouse.

A website to show and tell

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