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Sounds like (Oh . gei)
Hi, I’m Ogeh, a freelance product designer focused on building products and connections driven by empathy, people and technology.
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Currently building Experia, Previously Head of design at Tangerine Africa worked with 3Blackdot and Toptal

Specialised in digital product design and innovation

At this time of my life, I am interested in creating products that have a lasting positive impact on society using empathy, data, design, and technology, and in turn, I am concerned about the environmental and societal impact stemming from my work.

Today, I’m building products that help create opportunities that bring creative people together irrespective of their individual experiences and creativity to do their most fulfilling work. Previously, I served as the Head of Design at Tangerine Africa.

Beyond working as a designer, I enjoy listening and learning via podcasts and audiobooks, creating Lo-fi music, and taking photographs of buildings and some of my favourite materials — wood, porcelain, and fluted glass.

Here’s what I’m currently listening to and some recommendations

UX Lifecycle Book Cover

Building a story brand

Discover the power of the story brand framework

By Donald Miller


“Never assume people understand how your brand can change their lives. Tell them.”

Modern Love Cover

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